Blogging has been the hype for a while now. There’s a blog for everything. We have heard blogging is great for business but many of us do not know why.

Well here are some of the Benefits of Blogging for your Small Business

  1. Boost Search Ranking – You want to show up on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc when people are searching the internet for what you offer, one of the most inexpensive ways to do this is by blogging consistently. They are constantly providing Google, Bing, Yahoo and the others with new content to index. This is also an opportunity for businesses to insert relevant keywords that potential customers will use to search for the types of services or products that the business offers.
  2. Educate your prospects and existing customers – Educating is far more powerful than selling. It is more trustworthy, and relevant to website visitors. This shows them that you have thought about their situation and problems, anticipated their questions and show them you understand who they are.
  3. Bring Personality to Your Business – Show your passion for your business, have employees demonstrate and talk about their work lives and their passion for their career.
  4. Answer Commonly Asked Questions – Use a blog post to answer the most frequently asked questions you may have. This would be valuable for Customer services reps and sales personnel in the company you refer to and to direct questions to.
  5. Control Your Online Identity – When somebody searches for your company online, you want to make sure that they get an accurate and complete picture of who you are and what you’re all about.

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